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Man & Women Set

Man & Women Set


The wood, once rigid and unyielding, had been coaxed into fluidity, each curve and angle flowing seamlessly into the next.

At first glance, the figure appeared human, with limbs outstretched in a gesture of cosmic communion. But upon closer inspection, its features revealed an otherworldly quality, as if it were a visitor from a distant planet. Eyes, carved deep into the wood, glimmered with an otherworldly wisdom, and elongated fingers reached towards the heavens with an ethereal grace.

Despite its size and grandeur, there was a sense of serenity emanating from the sculpture, as if it were a guardian of the natural world, bridging the gap between the earthly and the unknown. It stood as a testament to the boundless creativity of its creator, capturing the imagination and stirring the soul with its enigmatic beauty.

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