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Bull Handshake(big)

Bull Handshake(big)


In this striking wooden sculpture, two hands locked in a firm handshake emerge from the timber, symbolizing unity, cooperation, and mutual respect. Yet, where one might expect the arms to end, they seamlessly transform into the powerful form of a bull, its head crowned with formidable horns and its muscular body tapering into a sinuous tail.

The bull, an ancient symbol of strength, resilience, and abundance, imbues the sculpture with a sense of raw energy and primal force. Its presence evokes the untamed spirit of the wilderness, reminding the viewer of the primal instincts that lie dormant within us all.

The handshake, a universal gesture of agreement and solidarity, takes on deeper meaning when juxtaposed with the bull. It symbolizes the fusion of human ambition and animal instinct, the harmonious coexistence of civilization and nature. Together, they form a powerful tableau of cooperation and symbiosis, where strength and unity converge to overcome adversity and achieve common goals.


As all wood peices, each one is unique. Grain, colouring, size and shape all differ. 

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