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Our Creative Process

Embarking on our mission, we strive to weave a tapestry of fair-trade partnerships, nurturing community-centered art cooperatives, honoring the legacy of traditional master-craftspeople, and championing the boundless creativity of emerging artists. Rooted in the belief in karma, we sow seeds of positive impact with each endeavor.

Our journey unfolds in the heart of creativity, where every piece is born from a meticulous process that marries innovation with tradition. Within our sanctuary of creativity, artisans sculpt dreams into reality, fashioning furniture, sculptures, and stone fixtures from reclaimed, untreated, and sustainably sourced wood and stone. Guided by the hands of master craftsmen, these artisans employ time-honored techniques, allowing the innate splendor of our prized hardwood to blossom, echoing the legacy of generations past.

Our materials tell a story of symbiosis between humanity and nature, envisioned by the visionary Rusty Davidson and brought to life in the tranquil landscapes of Indonesia. Nestled within the idyllic confines of Black Diamond Bali, our studio and gallery stand as beacons of artistic ingenuity, soon to open their doors to both local patrons and global connoisseurs along the enchanting Masse Rd, near Ubud on the island of Bali. Here, we honor the earth's bounty, crafting treasures from reclaimed teak roots, carefully extracted to minimize ecological impact and nurture the soil's regeneration. With each creation, we tread softly upon the land, leaving behind only whispers of our passage, as the seeds of reforestation take root, ensuring the perpetual renewal of this precious resource.

Wood Sculpting
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