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The concept of Terlingua, meaning "language of the earth," was envisioned by the Davidson brothers - Lane, Rusty, and Allan - back in 1970, right in downtown Calgary. Their inspiration stemmed from their extensive travels to over 100 countries, where they collected unique oddities and captivating tribal art pieces. Immersed in the indigenous art styles of the Middle East, Asia, and South America, the brothers were collectively inspired to bring these treasures back to North America.

Lane initiated the importation venture in the '60s, starting with Afghani wool socks. Rusty expanded the inventory to include colorful Balinese kites and vibrant children's clothing under the name "BaliZoo," which is still a part of the gallery today. Rusty later ventured into importing Teak Root furniture from Java, Bali, and Indonesia, encountering stringent regulations imposed by the Indonesian government due to the depletion of teak forests. The certification process ensures that only aged teak roots are used, crafted into exquisite art pieces by native artisans before exportation.

With the turn of the millennium, Rusty, along with his sons Dustin and Jesse Davidson, embarked on tours across the US and Canada, showcasing their unique furniture creations at exhibitions and themed shows. In 2004, the business transitioned to its current location, The Black Diamond Gallery, inviting patrons to explore its collection of one-of-a-kind pieces in the historic town of Black Diamond, Alberta.

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